Boost Your Sales and Improve Customer Experience

Buyers want tools that offer easily-accessible real-time information including visualization – images of the actual vehicle – to support the purchase decision.  CNG app enables to create rich media of the vehicle to increase car sales and costumer’s engagement by produce 360 interactive files, images and video In less than 1 minute. you can share the information with all your dealerships and connect digital assets in real time.
  • A simple and guided process
  • Ensure a wonderful look and feel
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Reduce Operating Cost

Dealerships wish to bring photography in-house and maintain high inventory coverage. Clickn’Go  dedicated APP aimed to create high quality media with click of a button. the systems integrated with the dealers organization assets and aimed to save time, simplify the whole process of the car publishing and set a high standard of the cars visuality. the systems based on a unique technology that insure to serve thousands of cars per year.
  • Synced with your digital assets
  • No photographer needed
  • LPR Integrated

Anywhere, Anytime by Click’nGo

Choose how to publish your car in real-time. all the media will be updated in your digital assets immediately


CNG improves customers experience and engagement by providing vehicle clear perspective in real time. The customer will have focus of which car he is interested in, how it looks like and reduce customer complaints and misunderstandings using maximum visualizing to enhance satisfaction and loyalty. The transparency of the process provides unique sales and after sales experience both for the dealer and for the customer

Car to Cloud in 40 Sec!

With extremely fast integration, Click’nGo links every branch and agency with one dashboard which automatically manages and adds the files to your digital assets.
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