Case Study – Shlomo Sixt

Organizational Overview and Challenges Shlomo Sixt runs operational and private leasing services. With a fleet of 80,000 vehicles, Shlomo Sixt is the largest leasing and car-rental company in Israel, leading the pack with end-to-end solutions for the private and business sector. In addition, Shlomo Sixt sells both new and pre-owned vehicles, with an exclusive franchise on importing Opel cars to Israel and the country’s biggest new-vehicle sales network, along with a web of 400 garages across the country which service cars for the 300,000 drivers who subscribed to their ‘on the road’ service.

The photos of new cars which were presented to Shlomo Sixt by importers were not authentic. Often they were only intended to serve for illustration purposes and were not reliable guides to the actual car. For example, at times the importer uploaded a photograph of a red vehicle when the actual vehicle in stock was white. The unreliability of images affected both prospective customers, who could not feel confident that they would receive the vehicle they expected, and the staff, who had to carry out their tasks with inadequate information.

Among the causes of this situation was the difficulty in shooting and uploading images of all the vehicles quickly enough, as well as the administrative challenge of managing the entire process. The company needed to be able to create a full profile catalog of their entire fleet of cars from any place at any given time.


  • Present all vehicles and promote sales online in the simplest and easiest way, saving time and costs while increasing loyalty and trust.
  • Provide a qualitative solution for the great number of vehicles that Shlomo Sixt needs to update daily, while creating a positive user experience and maintaining maximum reliability.

The 360° Click ‘n Go Platform

Shlomo Sixt added the CNG mobile application to the cataloging process, which enables every employee in the field to upload to the Cloud photos and/or 360 degree images of any car with a specific license plate from any given place and time, a process that takes up to 30 seconds per car. This brought the flexibility for any staff member to photograph any car in the fleet on the spot and then immediately send media to any of Shlomo Sixt’s digital assets, such as the CRM, ERP and more, via the Cloud.Integration for the entire organization took 10 working hours – both within organization and CNG.

Results of CNG Implementation

Today, Shlomo Sixt’s website contains a partial inventory of the stock at part of their 40 branches. CNG is still in the process of being implemented at the remaining branches, and inventory is automatically updated as soon as a new car arrives. Using the CNG system, every Shlomo Sixt lot photographs the new car in situ and uploads their photos independently using the system’s unified format, which synchronizes directly with the central website within seconds in one click.
Sixt can speedily access photographs of vehicles all over the country. It will be most relevant both for selling vehicles online and increasing vehicle sales offline. This app provides an end-to-end solution to the challenges of images of varying quality and real time uploading which had impacted their sales optimization system.
Sixt have saved the work hours of two photographers and further admin staff who previously needed to photograph, transfer, upload and catalog every new car. Further savings have been made in the time needed to transport new cars to a central photographing site, and the entire system is more flexible to vehicle updates.

Digital Impact

When Shlomo Sixt offers more complete data on a vehicle, prospects are more likely to purchase online. If the vehicle data is only partial, prospects will inquire further before purchasing, making them more likely to drop out of the sales process.
Using the CNG app, Shlomo Sixt is able to upload all of the data concerning the vehicle, including photos and vehicle tests, in just one click, thereby creating a complete online profile for every car that is fully transparent to the customer.

How Operations have Improved

To date, Shlomo Sixt has aimed to implement the CNG app in 40 branches, which work together with an automated photo station hub. Implementing the service in all branches enables every employee at all sales points to create rich media in 360 degrees while taking advantage of the company’s digital assets. Every vehicle is photographed together with its license plate, giving customers and staff the reliability that each car is a real product, increasing customer loyalty and trust while reducing operating costs. This new process is efficient and simple, and requires no special or additional resources.