In less than two minutes you can advertise your car by uploading interactive rich media from your smartphone. Fully supported by IOS/Android OS. The app enables both the car dealer and the car buyer to share information from different media sources, sending it to any destination in real time.



  • Start!

    Press START to initiate the process of advertising the car

  • Scan the License Plate

    The vehicle is identified by entering the license plate manually or automatically, in combination with the LPR program embedded in the application

  • Choose the Car Model

    the car model is selected from the list of models stored in the application’s database. Additional information about the vehicle such as year, miles or kilometers, price and color can be entered

  • Choose the Media Type

    The media type is then chosen: video, standard images from the camera and the device gallery, or 360 degree images embed.

  • Publish

    Your car is online- Just Click and go forward!

360 interactive files has never been so simple

Cutting-edge algorithms enable the vehicles to be photographed in 360 degree angles. once the car is selected, the 360 algorithm will guide the operator how to take the images. three display options are available: Quick, regular or extended view with 24 images.



Comprehensive turnkey platform: Designed for Car Dealers, Loved by Car Buyers



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